When you mention the word trends, most people visualize the latest fashion, food, dance moves or language among many other lifestyle examples. On social media, what’s trending on Twitter for example, is a short-lived wave of posts and conversation linked to a topic using one hashtag. We have also heard about business trends, how the market is predicted to perform and what is forecast for an upcoming period. A trend is therefore movement and transformation of something in a certain direction, which can be developing or established over a long period of time. The data from trends research forms the basis of observable patterns of gradual change. The movement in a trend can be an increase upwards, a lateral move sideways or a decrease downwards.

Trends influence business decisions, personal behaviour and actions. Similarly, trends research, analysis and use is a key career planning step and career management tactic. Trends analysis is useful in career development or job search

via 5 Tips to Get you Started on Trends Research in Career Planning — enniecareercoach

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